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Eat This, Skip That … Where Does It End

There is so much speculation and mystery we all go into at one point or another when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a body we are comfortable in, most of all proud of. We have managed to make it sound so very complicated and hard to achieve. Why does it have to be this way?

There are difficulties we face many, many times throughout our gifted lives, least of all is our eating habits, yet it’s become the most confusing topic!

Some say crash diets are the key to keep you on track when you loose control. Some say a consistent schedule of no carbs and no sugar, only low calorie meals often. Others say everything in moderation, a healthy balance of each category, decreasing cravings and preventing us from feeling deprived.


You must find the meal plan that your body agrees with. One diet and meal plan that may increase weight loss and happiness to one person may increase excess fat and lower energy to another. I don’t believe in handing out a diet plan with facts to the way food mouldsย to you. I tried following one and I was so deprived and full of cravings that misery became my day-by-day feeling.

Your first step is to stop whatever diet you are on, go for an allergy test before you take away or add any food or flavour. I found out after feeding myself cows milk everyday without failย that I was I fact allergic. My mother found out she was allergic to yeast, and my Aunty with gluten. Once you know what your body can in fact handle, you can begin.


We will be coming to you with tried and tested diet plans, so stay tuned!

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  1. But then you have research that shows being overweight and fit might be healthier than normal weight and unfit. Weight control is a lot more complex than we are led to believe.


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