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Let me ask you something, do you ever plan to go to the gym, but then back out before just because you don’t feel like doing a full-throttle, sweat dripping, heart pounding session? I thought so. 

I’m going to use Tescofabulous slogan now to set the tone for my message to you, EVERY LITTLE HELPS! No one likes to come out of the gym feeling sick and faint because they’ve pushed themselves much further than they should have. Over time you must build up to that intense work out, and once you get there it will not feel even slightly intense as your fitness level will by that point be well up to par. All you have to do is start. How about you put your gym gear in a bag right now, and set yourself the task of going for 20 minutes tomorrow at some point of the day, start off on the machines and exercises you find most enjoyable, and make yourself feel comfortable with the surroundings. Most gyms offer a free tour to explain how all the equipment is put into action, you should set one of these up as it will make the tumblr_n9g80tVimU1sxz71lo1_500machine’s you’ve never used before far less intimidating. 

Try to start off going three times a week, slowly work your way up to five times a week and give yourself those two days off maybe on a Wednesday & a Saturday to relax and let your muscles do the same. Did you know your body continues burning calories for 14 hours after your workout? So really those calories you monitored in the gym could be a much larger number! You see, it’s all counting up towards you and a body you’re proud of.


Do not, I repeat do not use the scales through your process, if you have to weight yourself do it before and after the first several weeks of exercise. I do not feel it is a matter of how big or small the number is on the scale, besides, muscle weights more than fat anyway. 

I’m saddened by how many people don’t like their figure’s, it’s become expected that we all have that one body part that we are insecure about and always have covered. Whether it’s our legs, hips, arms or bottom. I refuse to continue the rest of my life only buying long-sleeves.

You are your own worst enemy, only you can do something about it. Not only that, the results have to be for you, do not do this for a love interest, partner or holiday, as this will process as a temporary thing in your brain and you won’t be getting fit as a way of life you will be getting fit for a only couple of weeks. System’s like that can result in you becoming even more over weight than before, so look at it as the new lifestyle. Trust me, if you do it this way, you will be forever content with your mind, body and soul.

Exercise relieves stress

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