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ptdc0001-1 Style, elegance, class, charm, luxury. These are just some of the words that come to my mind when glancing through Vogue. The pages of this magazine have shaped the world as I know it. It has taught me all that I know and all that I love. It has been my hobby, my sanity and my motivation. History is important as it makes us appreciate how far we’ve come, so I wanted to educate you with the basic fact’s of what has made Vogue what it is today.

vogue1 Personally, I cannot remember a time before Vogue. My childhood was spent noticing the quality of a shiny, heavy book like object that remained on my mothers nightstand, yet with fresh faces looking at me from the pages as months went on, each telling me something different. I knew even before I knew anything that is was something special and something to treat with respect. 41UQQU0g4gLI don’t exactly know what made the seven year old in me think this way, yet I still managed to sneak each issue out of my mother’s sight, to create my own secret pile of inspiration infused pages on the floor of my wardrobe. Vogue is something that defines Fashion to me. I’m aware Fashion isn’t a magazine, however I believe the pages represent Fashion at it’s finest, showcasing the imaginative creations from the designers doing the thing they have worked extremely hard to be able to do.

I have a theory; Fashion designers create each piece the same way an architect shapes a building, every curve, every colour, every shape, every theme, all of these things go into the work of artistry. It is a gift to be able to design the creations worn by the cover women each month. The designs have a way to show you, even though you’re not close enough to touch the material, it is of the finest quality you could dream of. Whenever you walk into Chanel, for example, you are walking into the mind of a designer, you see history recreated, yet fresh approaches. You see passion and most of all, you see quality. To be able to portray this wondrous feeling into the slim pages of a magazine, is mind-blowing to me. diana-vreeland-portraitAs there is so much detail and history to tell of what makes Vogue into what it has become today, here is a timeline to break it down for you…

  • Vogue was originally created to show “the ceremonial side of life” of socially elite individuals and traditions of high society

  • With drawings instead of images on the cover, Vogue was born in 1892 by Arthur Baldwin Turnure, in an amazing place called America (I’m sure you’ve heard of it)

  • Unfortunately, Mr. Turnure died in 1906, 1909 it was obtained by Condé Nast Publications

  • Condé Nast Publications made the volume’s thicker, focus towards woman and an increased price, due to the increased size of each issue

  • Condé Nast original begun as an advertising manager for Collier’s in 1901

  • Vogue was first distributed in Britain in 1912, by 1914 Vogue was selling 4,000 copies throughout the Country

  • Once warfare got underway, Vogue could no longer be shipped overseas as it was deemed “non-essential”

  • The first official editor of British Vogue was Elspeth Champcommunal

  • Condé Nast wanted Vogue to be read by people of the wealthy upper classes instead of mass audiences

  • After the postwar 1920s, Vogue’s readership jumped to around 500,000 and continued to dominate the women’s magazine market

  • 1932 we saw colour photography on the front from this point onwards

  • In the 1960s leader Diana Vreeland took American Vanna-wintour-vogue-magazineogue into the reputation of being the symbol of a new era, which is more creative, obtain’s increased sex appeal and more emancipated

  • In 1988 Anna Wintour became the Chief Editor on American Vogue (The woman who was the inspiration to the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. “Good morning, Miranda Priesely’s Office”)

  • Anna Wintour’s talent, elegance, eye, business mind and god gifted talent for the industry made Vogue the number 1 Fashion Magazine of the World

  • Russian Vogue began in September 1998

  • Seven countries throughout the world now have their own editions of Vogue, if my sources are correct.


With millions of followers, visitors, employees and issues printed throughout each year, they have well and truly earned their empire status and deserve nothing but respect and praise for their hard work. To make a true difference to the world we live in is an unbelievable accomplishment and each month forever more I will be a loyal follower to the bible of my faith, Fashion.


Images: Varied Sources. Fact Sources: Condé Nast & Newsstand

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