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From the guidance of another I found myself watching a fantastic film earlier. It inspired me more than anything I’ve ever seen. At some point in your life you’ll hear something, that will be so powerful and will hit you so hard, it may even bring you to tears. You’ll wonder why you haven’t given yourself the chance that you deserve to throw yourself into the deep end while you still can. 

I dislike it when people say that you only have one shot, I disagree, yes life is incredibly short, but I fear that we have been made aware of that fact all too well. I for one feel fear strike me when I hear someone say that to me, as if I have already missed my chance. It’s not a matter of time until you’ve missed your chance to fulfil your dreams necessarily, it’s just a matter of increasing the levels in which you push yourself to make your biggest dream come true. Only you can make your wishes come to life in front of your very eyes. Forget faith, miracles and helping hands, YOU need to get up and make it happen. 

I have attached my favourite quote below for you to take a look at. Please, sit down, read it over and let it sink in. Then, jump into the arena. 



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