A Lifestyle


The word ‘Bargoni’ is an individual with the mindset of contentment and a body in maximum health.

BeBargoni is an online magazine focusing on Style, Beauty & Motivation, while maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle. I will be coming to you frequently with articles and reviews on the products and experiences I think you’d enjoy from my live Blog, Twitter & Instagram. They will topic under:

  • Health

  • Beauty

  • Fashion

  • Motivation

  • Travel

  • Nutrition

  • Business

  • Current Events

I welcome the input and opinion’s of my followers, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Instagram: @bebargoni

Twitter: @be_bargoni

Tumblr: @bebargoni

 Pinterest: @bebargoni


All written content is my own.

All media is take by me or from my other work ventures, unless otherwise stated.

Any food recipe’s used in posts are introduced as the product from a particular cook.

‘Guest Writers’

If you feel that you share the same interests and topics of discussion as BeBargoni then you may eligible to become a โ€˜Guest Writerโ€™. It is important to share tips, stories and advice whenever you can, as you never know who your words could help.

For more information and a place to pitch your idea, email now.

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